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The long-awaited, online Birmingham Business Directory is here.

Locally-dedicated & open to all businesses in Birmingham with a trading name, postal address, telephone number & website address. @Birmingham Business Directory wants to list your business too!

We now have categories for accountants, builders, cleaners, computer services, estate agents, restaurants and web designers in Birmingham.

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We're like a cross between Yell.com and TripAdvisor. @Birmingham Business Directory is packed with unique company reviews.

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For unbiased insights into the accessibility & popularity of each featured business website, our profile pages also feature an array of manually accumulated website analytics.

Rewarding corporate credibility

We give special acknowledgement to businesses which can provide us with a registered company name or number, and also for businesses which have maintained a long-standing presence online.

Some companies look very professional, but have a habbit of running up debts before striking off and starting up under new company names. They can rip off more & more clients each year, with nobody any wiser. So pay attention to official company registration dates, and give extra credit to those who've been around a while. Also pay attention to any changes of name. But this is a trend, not a rule; so treat each company on its own merit.

Strategic Partners

We share this free directory with the city, thanks to Birmingham Web Development Partnership and Birmingham Public Relations Network. We're always open to affiliation with innovative, dynamic, successful organisations based in Birmingham; especially umbrella bodies and other non-competitively branded entities. Contact us for more details.

Please direct all enquiries to dan@birminghampr.co.uk.